Myanmar Children Sponsorship Scheme

Myanmar Children Sponsorship Scheme is a collaboration between LxM and Grace Haven, a non-profit organisation in Myanmar, as well as Khuahrang Village in Chin State. Currently, 120 children in Myanmar receive monthly donations under this programme. We welcome everyone to become our sponsor. Today, we have sponsors from Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the UK.

Grace Haven was founded by Pastor CHA Tian-yu and his wife ZHANG Mao-lan in 1991, it all started with a small orphanage in Lashio, a town in the northern Myanmar. After 25 years of persistence and expansion, Grace Haven has taken care of more than a thousand orphans and children from poor families of different races all across the country, providing them shelters, food, clothing, education and medication. Khuahrang Village is located remotely in the mountainous area in Chin State, composed of 240 families. The village just opens its first Government Middle School in 2017. Many villagers and their children would not be able to receive high school education before.

We welcome everyone to join us as a sponsor, with HK$265 a month (or HK$3,000 a year), you can support the monthly expenses of a child, including accommodation, food, medication and education. Receipts for the tax deduction will be issued in April every year.

Sponsors will receive annual report and financial report from us each year, and one can contact his/her sponsored child through letters and Christmas cards etc.

To be our sponsor:

Children Sponsorship Form


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